Contested Probate Solicitors

We are a rapidly growing firm of solicitors based in Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire. Our team of specialist solicitors regularly help clients in contested probate and inheritance disputes cases nationwide.


Contested probate cases – who can we help?
Our solicitors act for a variety of clients in contested probate claims including those making or resisting claims in respect of:

  • Inheritance claims – dependants or other family members who feel they did not receive ‘reasonable financial provision’ under a will
  • Beneficiaries or others believing they did not receive their full entitlement due to a negligently drafted Will
  • Those believing the Will was not properly drafted or executed in the first place
  • Executor disputes – when executors disagree with each other on distribution of the estate
  • Those arguing the Will was made fraudulently, under duress or undue influence
  • Beneficiaries or others believing the testator (i.e. person making the Will) lacked mental capacity when the Will was made
  • Those arguing the Will may have been revoked

If you need legal advice on bringing or defending a contested probate case, talk to our solicitors first
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