Storing Your Will

Your Will may not be required for many years so it is essential that you store it somewhere secure yet easily accessible to your Executor(s) after your death. If the original, signed will cannot be located your Estate is normally handled as if you had died Intestate (without a Will) and your assets might not be distributed as you would have wished.

It is of equal importance that you never store your Will in a safety deposit box as this cannot be opened until Probate is granted and Probate cannot be granted without the original Will.

The main storage options open to you are:

• At any Probate Registry in England and Wales

• At Home – although there is no guarantee that it will be protected from fire, theft, flooding or pests. You must ensure that you entrust somebody with its whereabouts so that it can be located after your death
• At the Bank – some offer secure storage facilities for an annual fee of £10.00 to £25.00.  However, it can be time-consuming and confusing if you have more than one bank account and the Executor has not been informed of your Will’s exact whereabouts. Furthermore, why pay an annual storage fee when some solicitors will store your will without charge

• At the Principal Registry Office of the Family Division

• With your Solicitor – storing your Will with a solicitor is ideal if you want the solicitor to be your Executor.

Store your will with us for FREE

Not only can our specialist wills and probate solicitors today ride you with the most expert and professional advice, we do not charge for secure and fireproof storage of your Will even if it was not drawn up by us. So make sure that those who are dealing with your probate, doesn’t have to cope with a Lost Will, store your will safely with us.

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