Funding Your Will Challenge

Our solicitors can discuss with you the different options for funding your will challenge case including:

  • Paying your legal costs privately.
  •  We also offer no win no fee arrangements (often called conditional fee schemes) for appropriate will challenge cases
Legal expense insurance (sometimes referred to as LEI) may also cover legal costs for contesting a will. This kind of insurance cover may be included in one of your insurance policies – perhaps your car or home contents iinsurance.

Our advice – If you’re unsure whether you might be covered by legal expenses insurance – do check the small print of your insurance policies. A surprising number of people simply are not aware that they have LEI cover. If it turns out that your  will challenge case is covered by your legal expense insurance, just let us know – one of our team can then contact your insurer and arrange for them to cover your legal costs.

What is a ‘no win no fee’ arrangement?

A conditional fee or ‘no win no fee’ arrangement is an agreement made between you and your solicitor before taking on a case. If you are successful in your claim under a no win no fee scheme, then the fees charged by your solicitor (plus an additional ‘success’ fee for taking on the case with a risk of not being paid) are covered by the other side. If your will challenge fails, then you do not have to pay your solicitor.

How does no win no fee work?

No win no fee agreements come in a number of different formats. The simplest type of no win no fee scheme will enable you to bring a will challenge case without needing to worry about paying your legal fees if your claim is unsuccessful and if you win, your legal costs should be paid by the losing party – including an additional “success” fee for your solicitor as compensation for having taken on the risk of being paid nothing.

No win no fee agreements do vary from one solicitor to another, so it’s best to ensure that you check the terms and conditions of any no win no fee arrangement you are offered before you sign it.

Do I need to meet face to face with my solicitor?

No. Most contested probate solicitors are happy to deal with these types of cases via email, post and phone. If however you do want to discuss your claim face to face then a good solicitor should always be able to arrange an appointment for you.

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